Altera and HCELL Engineering Announce DO-254 Certifiable Nios II Embedded Processor

April 28, 2008-- Altera Corporation and HCELL Engineering today announced the development of the NIOSII_SC soft IP processor which is the safety-critical version of Altera's Nios II embedded processor. NIOSII_SC complies with the objectives and requirements of the design assurance guidance for airborne electronic hardware RTCA/DO-254.

NIOSII_SC solution is already available and adopted by major airborne electronic hardware manufacturer.

Detailed information about NIOSII_SC solution is available in the Products page.



"We worked with Altera and HCELL Engineering since the beginning of our project to ensure Altera's embedded processor core meets the safety standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency. The Nios II soft processor provides us with a compelling solution that meets our performance and system requirements, while allowing us to manage system obsolescence. With its DO-254 certification, the Nios II embedded processor can be integrated into our system with confidence."

Jérôme PAPINEAU, Product Manager at Thales Aerospace



"Altera and HCELL Engineering have made all the necessary efforts to understand the objectives and requirements of DO-254 in order to deliver a safety-critical version of the Nios II embedded processor."

Lionel BURGAUD, DO-254 Users Group founder and chairman


"The Nios II embedded processor provides an ideal solution to replace microcontrollers and microprocessors used in commercial avionics applications. As a result of our work with HCELL Engineering over the past year, customers are now ready to leverage our embeeded processor in their safety-critical avionics systems."

Karl-Heinz GATTERER, European Military and Aerospace Marketing Manager, Altera Corporation